Carrick Bend - Nike + TAU

product design
This project was a collaboration project between Nike and the Tama Art University Product Design Department. Fifteen students were invited to research and solve current problems of sports gear and propose new designs for Nike.

I designed a day-hike trekking bag for women. This trekking bag is comfortable in all situations: going uphill, downhill, or when the volume of contents of the bag changes. This is a new style of trekking bag with an outer shell and inner bag. "Carrick bend" is a strong knot made with two ropes. It is easy to unknot, and release the knot, and it is tightened easily. I used this type of adjustable knot to design the size adjusting function.
During trekking, your body temperature and air temperature change a lot, and cause sweat on the back. To reduce this, I designed a backpack to have space between the bag and the back, and still stay fitted to the body.

Spring/Summer 2009






Color and style variations  

early concept models